Sokoban has returned with a new face!

Do you remember Sokoban? It is back now... with isometric 3D graphics and sound effects! If you like challenging your brain then this game is a 'must have' for you. Hundreds of levels will give you countless hours of playing. Isometric graphics not only is eye candy, but also develops your three-dimensional imagination.

The goal of the game is to put all the crates (boxes) on the destination floor tiles. You control a small robot that is able to move the crates. A crate can be moved only by pushing it. Only one crate can be pushed at a time. Make as few pushes as possible to achieve a better score. Moving the robot is easy. Just tap on the tile where you want to move the robot to. The robot will find the shortest possible path to destination automatically. To push a crate you have to move the robot to the location just next to this crate's location and then tap on another tile lying on the same line which the robot and the crate lies on.


  • Rendered isometric graphics
  • Pen control
  • Intelligent path finding
  • Unlimited undo during game play
  • High score table
  • Up to 6 players with a history of finished levels
  • Support for external level packs
  • Level editor for desktop computer
  • Maps up to 100x100 cells
  • Gray scale (16 shades) and 256 color mode in 160x160 resolution
  • Cool sound effects
  • PalmOSTM 5 compatible

There are many interesting Sokoban levels available on the Internet. If levels are in the text format (XSokoban format), then you can use your PC level editor to convert these levels into Roboban3D PDB file format. More converted level packs will be available for download soon. Of course you may design your own levels from scratch.

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